We Sure Love Marketing, But We Love BJJ a Whole Lot More!

Our Culture

Our Approach

We work to understand your business and your customers deeply, right from the beginning.  We align our efforts around reaching your target audience to grow your business.  


We don’t take more than one customer in a geographic area and niche because we’re committed to your success and put everything into helping you WIN.

Your satisfaction is our promise.  We don’t take on a new customer unless we’re confident we can generate a return for them and we don’t believe lengthy contracts serve either of us well.


Some elements of marketing (i.e. SEO) do take time to fully pay for themselves but we’re confident we’ll demonstrate value for our customers every step of the way.

After we evaluate your online presence and complete intake / discovery with you, we conduct exhaustive market research to understand your customers, understand the competitive landscape and establish a plan to generate leads and sales.


We use modern tracking and reporting to analyze and review our progress with you regularly to keep us both on track.  We make adjustments as needed based on your feedback and other market trends we see.  We proactively look for changes in market conditions and partner with you on the best way to combat them.

There are no shortcuts in SEO and where some companies are willing to break the rules for short-term gain, those choices can get you penalized or even banned down the road, negatively impacting your business.  Google and other platforms control the rules and make thousands of updates to their algorithms a year. 


We use best practices, stay up-to-date on what’s changing throughout the search ecosystem and have proven methodologies for getting results without compromising on integrity.

A Note from Our Founder

Hi, my name is David Flowers and I’m the founder of Better Jiu Jitsu Marketing.  I’m a US Army Veteran and spent over 20 years in retail operations in leadership roles before opening my own home services business. 


It wasn’t long before I realized the marketing company I’d hired wasn’t producing tangible results, so when my business became stable enough, I took marketing in-house and began focusing on ROI (Return on Investment) anywhere I was spending marketing dollars.  


Through a lot of education, trial and error, and sheer determination, I built my digital marketing program into an engine that helped scale my business profitably.  I did it so well that some of my peers began to ask for help and I later realized there was a large need in the marketplace.  So I started my own digital marketing agency, AdvantEdge Local, and brought the same expertise and ROI focus to home services businesses nationwide.

I’m also a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and still train and / or teach almost every day of the week.  I began helping some local jiu jitsu schools with their digital marketing and quickly realized there is a huge void in the market for a qualified end-to-end digital marketing solution that didn’t fall short for jiu jitsu schools and brands specifically.


Agencies focus more broadly on martial arts schools and no agency connects all of the dots with web design, local SEO, paid search marketing and ongoing relationship / reputation management for a complete solution to generating qualified leads for jiu jitsu schools, wherever they are…profitably.


So I developed Better Jiu Jitsu Marketing.  It combines our deep expertise in digital marketing and my passion for jiu jitsu as a perpetual student, bringing exceptional value exclusively to jiu jitsu schools and brands.


I look forward to an opportunity to learn more about your goals and show you how we help achieve them.

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Endless Value

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